Gypsy Soul & a Wild Heart


Hey ya'll 

Lets get real for a bit

Everyone always asks "How did you get involved with Monster Jam?" So here is my story...
I was born into a motorsports family, I came into this world wide open and I plan to leave in that same fashion. At age 3 I received my very first power wheels toy and go figure it was a "Big Foot" monster truck. This was where my modified gas pedals began and wooden blocks were then added to everything I couldn't reach. At age 4 I received an upgrade in the power world and got my very first Y-Zinger four wheeler and Kitty Cat snowmobile. Oh the trouble I got myself into on both of those...from taking out the governor screw, to knocking my cousin off the back because I wanted to drive and be in control, to rolling myself end over end down the largest rock pile in town with my dad cheering me on the entire time...the stories and videos go on and on.

Those years set me up for the rest of my life. I loved the fast lane, both of my parents were adrenaline junkies as well. They raced and built some of the fastest mud drag trucks in the state, my dad raced anything that had wheels...including 3-wheelers back in the day. I spent every weekend standing on tires bigger than me soaking up every minute of the mud slinging and ear ringing.

As I got older my weekends were spent at the motocross track. It was a family tradition for us. My cousins and uncles all raced and I couldn't wait to get on one myself. I took a few years to try out some team lets just say my attention span and "team spirit" didn't cut it. I was an independent child and I hated that how someone else acted or played affected me. I wanted to be in charge of how I placed. So I ditched all of those and at age 10 got my very first dirt bike. I instantly fell in love and took off wide open. I never looked back.

I was very fortunate to spend the next 11 years chasing my dream of becoming a professional motocross racer. I traveled and lived in a motorhome more than I ever lived in a real house. I spent every summer down in Kentucky and every winter in Florida training to be the best. School was always number one in our family so I would attend public school while I was home and email teachers while on the road. It set me up for years of bullying and being treated different because I got special treatment from the staff at school. But I wouldn't trade any of that for the world because by time I graduated high school I had traveled to more states and done more things then anyone else my age. I was living my dream.

And in 2010 I made that dream come true and I turned pro. I got my Women's Motocross Association Pro Card and off to the races I went. I was blessed to have a team pick me up so all I had to do was fly to the races and my bike was already there waiting. I worked my butt off during the week working 3 jobs to make this dream a reality. Day in and day out I would wait tables and work until all hours of the night. All while taking full time college classes online and flying out every Friday to a different state for a Saturday race. I had no social life, no free time, but I was living my dream and that was all that mattered. However, in 2011 things went downhill..and fast.

I had went to a local race to get ready for the upcoming season and was involved in a very bad accident. An out of control rider landed directly on top of me and shattered the bones and joints in my hand and my wrist. In the blink of an eye my entire racing career was over. Everything I had worked so hard for was gone. I spent two years in recovery, having multiple reconstructive surgeries, days of therapy, and months of the worst pain possible. I was sad, angry, and very lost. Everything I had known was ripped away from me by someone else's mistake. Little did I know that God had a plan all along. I thought I lost it all when in reality he was giving me the world.

While I was out of commission I finished my Business Degree and jumped into the working world. I needed some adrenaline back in my life so we went out and bought a mini sprint race car. I had never been in a race car before, let alone in a roll cage so to the track we went. We showed up with zero knowledge of how the car worked, or how to drive the dang thing so I was basically driving by the seat of my pants. The saying is true though when racing is in your blood you can drive anything. And drive is exactly what I did. I put that pedal to the floor and won both heat races and the feature race. No one could believe I had never drove a car before and I went out and killed it ! That is where my love for dirt track started. Every weekend was then spent at the dirt track making new friends and family and having a blast racing again. During this time I also decided that a 9-5 desk job was not for me. I wanted to help people, and make them feel beautiful and confident. I decided to go back to school and get my cosmetology license. And in January of 2015 I opened my very own salon.

2015 was a HUGE year for me, not only did I become a business owner I became a Monster Jam Driver.

While siting in class in 2013 I received a phone call from my dad saying that Tom Meents wanted to talk to me and he gave me his number. So i went outside and called and to my surprise he was very interested in my motorsports background and felt I would be a great fit. A quick meeting at Subway and a few short months later in the spring of 2014 I was siting in a seat of a Monster Jam Truck learning how to drive. I couldn't believe it. This whole time I thought my life was over, motocross gone, and God ended up giving me an even bigger platform to share from. He gave me millions of Monster Jam Fans, and a job that takes me around the world. HOW COOL

In 2015 I was blessed with being named Monster Jam's "Rookie of the Year" I put in so much hard work and tried to learn the ropes as quick as possible and ended up having the time of my life. Fast forward a few years..and a few handfuls of countries later...I am debuting a BRAND NEW Monster Jam Truck designed specifically for me and my brand and I get to share my story with the WORLD

So THANK YOU to each and every person who has cheered me on...who has believed in me and supported me over the last 3 years. It has been such a blessing and an honor to work for such and amazing company and to be able to continue my legacy in such a huge way. I hope that y'all follow me on this journey and enjoy the ride.

God Bless


Last updated 11/16/17