Anaheim, Ca

Can we say MONSOON

Holy cow did it decide to rain on our parade

Flying in on Thursday the weather was absolutely awful so me and Mizz El Toro  and Shelby decided to have a little girls night with some wine and girl talk. Friday the weather looked promising and the sun was shining however showing up to the track told a different story…. The track was soaked. And not just like oh a puddle here and a little mud there…it was trashed. Practice was cancelled and I decided that a nice relaxing afternoon in the hot tub followed by dinner at my favorite place ever (cheesecake factory) would be just the ticket to get me ready for the show.

Waking up was a buzz kill when I looked outside. I thought we may get lucky but mother nature was in no mood. The high winds and rain began and that was it. Pit party was moved onto the show autograph style..and we spent the whole afternoon trying to stay dry and warm. These fans were dedicated though and decked out in ponchos of every color. They were ready for one muddy show! 

 Racing was a bit of a bummer once again. I lined up next to black pearl and when the light went green I put down one heck of a pass, smooth, consistent, and came around to see Cole still sitting at the starting line. So I thought well dang that was easy! On to round 2…. WRONG. I was having radio issues so I was without communication the whole show and when I went to park they were all waving me back to the starting line for a re run…..boy was I mad… no idea what the call was about or why we ran the race a second time. But the second pass wasn’t as good for me and I lost. Cancelling two wheel skills we moved straight to freestyle, which was quite the challenge. Some killed it, some slip and slid all over and I had a bit of both. A few good hits, missed a lot of the jumps I aimed for. And just tried to have as much fun as I could with the conditions. These fans seemed to have a blast watching us go muddin for a change! 

Huge thank you to the crew and everyone who worked so hard to make this show happen and the clean up that followed. Days of washing are hard on the guys and they really deserve a big round of applause for putting in the man hours.  

 Back to my favorite state next week! HOUSTON

San Diego, Ca

Ya win some and ya lose some! San Diego was not my weekend thats for sure. The racing lanes were super uneven and as luck had it I ended up in the slick lane. forgetting about that and moving on to two wheel skills I laid down two good slap wheelies. The way the track was set up there wasn’t a whole lot of options for different moves so I stuck with what I know best! Freestyle again was not in our favor tonight! I came out ready to destroy my truck and unfortunately a car had other plans for me! I barely grazed a bumper and put a hole in the side wall big enough i could have fit inside! I kept going despite the massive flat tire and after a couple of hits my rear steer line completely blew to pieces and that was the end of it.

On the plus side of things I experienced my first Lime Scooter ride and spent the entire weekend zooming all over town on these bad boys. I thought riding dirt bikes was dangerous…wait until you do 20MPH down a side walk between humans on a dang electronic scooter trying not to biff it on a curb or a hole….. MOOOOVE!

Glendale, Arizona

Stop number two did not disappoint !

Thursday was spent hiking in the mountains enjoying the beautiful desert weather. Friday consisted of practice, and hitting up the Randy Rodgers Band at Denim and Diamonds with some of my best friends and some good ol mexican food. Saturday topped off the entire weekend with the best pit party yet! So many cute littles, lots of bear hugs, and beautiful artwork!

The ladies were on top of the board all night! Racing did not go my way with a close loss to Overkill Evolution, two wheel skills was even rougher… I went for a slap wheelie, had it on the wheelie bar, walking across the floor and got tripped up on the cars and ended up on my lid. Feeling a little defeated and banged up i decided to suck it up and redeem myself. I went out 10th in the line up this weekend and after watching Mizz El Toro Loco Becky smash the leader board and sit in the hot seat for the entire show I was ready to show these fans what the GIRLS can do! I had lots of special faces in the crowd cheering me on and it gave me all the motivation I needed to kill it. Body pieces were flying off over ever huge jump, I could see and hear the crowd loving it so I went for another backflip, landed it with style and went on to end the run with one more big air hit! I was just as stoked as the crowd was! Glendale was one to remember thats for sure !

Next stop…. San Diego!

San Antonio, Texas

WOW! What an amazing way to start off round 1. My favorite state, with my best friend, and brought home a FREESTYLE WIN! We had two jam packed nights of racing, two wheel skills, and freestyle. Saturday night i went to the semi finals in racing, Two wheel skills did not go in my favor ending in a roll over, but freestyle I came back with VENGEANCE and left it all out on the floor! It had been a year since my last flip and I busted one out and nailed it! I was so full of emotion i could barely stand…and for those of you who saw I almost fell off my truck i was shaking so bad hahaha bringing home a win like that my first show of the year really set this train in motion and i cant wait to see what the rest of the season holds!

sundays show was even better, i went all the way to the final round in racing against zimmer in ice dragon, I gave it my all but came up short, took home a 3rd in two wheel skills, and chose to go out 12th in freestyle. went big and landed another flip but took a bad bounce and ended up on my side. all good and ended up with a 3rd!

NExt stop….. Glendale arizona!

2018 was a HUGE success for me and my amazing new truck WHIPLASH. We had some highs and we had some lows, however we never stopped trying. Everyone loved the new design and the beautiful new merchandise we designed. I can’t wait to come out swinging in 2019! Check my upcoming events tab for more info !


Anaheim 1 Recap!

My debut weekend was one to remember! Seeing Whiplash for the first time was such a dream come true. The pure beauty of her was breathtaking! The body shop guys did amazing work...for me to go and destroy it all... 

I can't say that this weekend went totally according to plan, but it was certainly one I will never forget. My crew chief built one heck of a truck and it is by far the fastest thing I have ever driven. She handles like a dream and will be a force to recon with once I get all the rust shaken off my driving skills. ha! Practice went off without a hitch and I ended up turning one of the fastest times and made it all the way to the finals against Mohawk Warrior! I was ready for Saturday....

The highlight of my show day was by far the party in the pits. Seeing the response to Whiplash was so humbling and filled my heart. People of all ages loved the new design and the merchandise we designed. I loved meeting everyone and hearing their responses to the new truck and the new look we went with. The amount of love I received from everyone was so awesome! Having moms whisper in my ear that their daughters seen my hair in a braid and instantly asked them to braid theirs while they were in line to look like me was so heart warming!

Heading into the opening of the show I was ready, nervous, and totally overwhelmed! It was such an awesome feeling driving into that stadium with the top drivers in Monster Jam. Heading into racing I knew I had to give it my all...and thats exactly what I did. Round 1 was against Big Kahuna and unfortunately he suffered a mechanical issue and wasn't able to race so I got a by run to round 2. Round 2 was against Alex Blackwell in Megladon and I was ready! I put it to the floor and came out in the lead but ended up landed off the side of the finish line which sent me into an epic save...which ended up not working out and onto my roof I went. I was so sad I tore up my brand new body but was determined to come back. We were able to make it back and ended up being put through to the Final Round due to other trucks breakage against Grave Digger. I tried my best and came up a hair short. But man what a rush to crash in round 2 and end up racing in the finals! 

Two wheel skills- 1 Bri/Whiplash-0 all that needs to be said there

After a frustrating first start to the show, a destroyed body, and a bruised ego I put it all behind me and went out to kill it in freestyle. Body parts flying off, big air, and screaming fans was all that I remember. I left it all out on the track that night and the fans couldn't have been happier! I ended up finished 3rd over all which was amazing considering how I felt the night went. Avenger put on one heck of a run and he earned that freestyle win! Anaheim 1 was such a roller coaster and I can't wait to head out to San Diego for some redemption! Me and Whiplash are coming for ya!!!



San Diego Recap

FREESTYLE WINNER!!! WOW what a weekend!! I feel like biggest dream came true! Being on Stadium Championship series 1 is brutal. We have a lot of the top drivers in Monster Jam who have won many championships over the years. So bringing home a win is anyones guess. The party in the pits was amazing! Whiplash Merchandise was flying off the shelves, people were lining up to check out the new truck, and I even had a sweet little girl give me an amazing turquoise necklace that brought me good luck! I was on cloud 9 after meeting so many amazing people before the show and that high continued on through the rest of the night. 

Racing started out a bit slow for me, I lost first round because I chickened out on the finish line jump (After my roll last weekend my brain said NOPE!). Hats off to Todd Leduc for getting the racing win! He is a fierce competitor. So i went out in 2 wheel skills hoping to practice and try some new moves and because the dirt was so loose nothing worked!! Neil (Max D) pulled off an awesome stunt and ended up bringing home the win in that competition! And it was on to freestyle. I was ready to go HAM and just give it everything I had as some redemption from last weekend. I had a brand new body and was ready to scratch er up a bit. 

I ended up putting together a clean, smooth, and big air freestyle run and at 30 seconds to go I finally got a stoppie, but started having front steering issues and sliced a front tire, so I limped her over to the backflip ramp and put my foot to the floor. IT WAS HUGE! I have never backflipped that high before and some how it managed to fully rotate and I landed on all 4 wheels and it felt like I was at World Finals all over again. The crowd went insane, I went insane, and I went to end it on one more huge hit and as I tried to pull away my front steering line blew and there was a small spark on the header which lead to me ending my run. I couldn't be happier with how things went and with the reaction from the crowd. I went out 6th or 7th and ended up bringing home the win and being the only person to land a backflip that night! GIRL POWER!

I am looking forward to Anaheim 2 on Saturday and hope I can carry this momentum into freestyle yet again. Thank you to each and every fan who comes to the show, who spends their hard earned money on tickets, pit party passes, and merchandise. You could use that money any where else and yet you choose to come and support Monster Jam. We do this week in and week out because of YOU and your support. So THANK YOU!